WordPress speed optimization to
reduce load time


Basic website optimization only + DB optimization


Speed Optimization, Database Optimization, Code Cleanup and Theme Code optimization


All in One website Optimization including Database Optimization + Code Cleanup and much more..

About This Package

We specialize in elevating WordPress website speed in accordance with the latest Google PageSpeed Insights guidelines, ensuring no compromise on site layout or functionality.

Why prioritize speed optimization for your WordPress website?

  1. Vital for SEO ranking
  2. Enhances user experience and accelerates page loading times
  3. Improves conversion rates, sales, and ROI

         Feature Includes:

  • Install and configure a caching plugin
  • Optimize images, CSS, JavaScript and HTML files
  • Enable gzip compression and browser caching (Cloudflare)
  • Minify and combine CSS and JavaScript files
  • Remove unused plugins, themes and files
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices and responsiveness
  • Improve your websites structure for SEO
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